The Get to Know Me Tag ~ Writer’s Edition

Tag rules: Link back to the person who created the tag (*inserts link* Savannah) Thank the person who tagged you (Yes, thank you again, Jenna!) Share the tag graphic *see above...* Tag eleven bloggers (I will try... I will...)   ~Vital Stats and Appearance~ (Pen)Name: Catwing. But really it's Hannah, which is the name that will appear on my … Continue reading The Get to Know Me Tag ~ Writer’s Edition

Breaking Stumps

Some days inspiration seems to play hide-and-go-seek with our brains and we simply are stuck as to what should happen next in the story. So, there we sit on our stump, being stumped unsure of how to get out of this stump. Well today I shall share some ways I use to get un-stumped. Take … Continue reading Breaking Stumps