Belated Blogiversary Post

*unvanishes* *throws feathers* Welcome to the belated Blogiversary post my Wonder-ful readers!
Kay: *smiles* Will you look at that; with a little incentive you’re actually here doing a midweek post.
I guess I am. So let’s dive into the questions at long last. ๐Ÿ˜€

From Jenna: What are some little things in life that inspire you?

Kay: …You formatted that kinda weird. Like you’re a help center and people send you letters for help with their lives.
I… Uhhh…
Kay: Or like you’re famous.
Kay: But you’re not.
I know. But how else am I suppose to format it?
Kay: I don’t know. Like this? *tosses out a text box into the post*

~ What are some little things in life that inspire you? ~

What? *cocks head* hum… Except it looks like a clickable link…
Kay: Yeah… That could be a minor problem.
How about…

~ What are some little things in life that inspire you? ~
~ Jenna ~

Kay: It looks like a quote.
Well, it sort of is. But no more changes. Let’s do this.
Kay: Alright! *motivational fistpump* *just wants Catwing to finish the post on time* *even if she secretly isn’t a huge fan of the formatting of the questions so they sort of look like motivational quotes* *which isn’t a terrible thing, but maybe confusing*
So, let’s see. *ponders the question* Probably watching my cat, just being outside (it’s amazing how just taking a walk can help clear your mind and inspire you), looking at art, listening to music, and other people. I don’t know maybe those aren’t really that little, so I’m gonna list some smaller ones just cause. The smell of books, office supplies, cloaks, collages, and feathers.
Kay: Feathers. Of course. ๐Ÿ˜›
Of course. :3

~ What blog post that you have written is your favorite? ~
~ Mom ~

That’s a hard one.
Kay: You asked them which was their favorite. They’re just returning the favor.
I guess they are. Clever, mom. *nods* But I’m not sure which is my favorite… Maybe The Writer Finally Returns From The Writerโ€™sย Conference (because the writer’s conference was a lot of fun) or The Wonderland Tag (cause I made my own tag) or the character interviews (Theย Cloak, Jack, and Alex). Or maybe ~ An Art Dump ~.
Kay: *shakes her head* You really can’t choose can you?
Okay. I’m going to go with the character interviews.
Kay: Still more than one…

~ What is one thing you wish you knew when
you first started blogging? ~
~ Dekreel ~

I wish I knew what I was doing.
Kay: Do you know what you’re doing now?
…sort of…
Kay: *facepalm*
Okay, something that I wish I knew then that I do know now is, how to make blog graphics and automate sharing (at least for some things).

~ These Next Questions are from “Waspsbane. Bob. Hotdog. I have been referred to by all of the above” ~

~ If you rated my questions on a scale between 1 and 10 where would you rate them? ;P ~
(Moved to top so I can rate them all as I go and I’m not sure what I’m rating them on, so I just assigned things.)

~ What is the plural form of “bigfoot”? ~
Difficulty ~ 8

A group of bigfoot? Like deer, sheep, and fish. Maybe? This was hard…
Kay: What do you even call a group of them anyway?
I don’t even know.

What is your favorite breed of dog?
Great question ~ 10

Mutt. ๐Ÿ˜›

What is the color of your mailbox?
Randomness ~ 6

Black. Yay! An easy question! ๐Ÿ˜€
Kay: Normally these come before the hard ones…

What is the third word in your WIP’s manuscript?
Bookishness ~ 8

If I count the poem at the beginning of the chapter, “the”
If I don’t, “to”
If I decide those words are dull and boring so I decide to use the third word in the second paragraph instead, “looming”
Kay: That’s slightly ominous…
Yes, it is.

What book would you least mind burning to death?
Thoughtful Question ~ 7

*rubs paws together* Which one to choose… Ah! That spy book I checked out of the library once where the first chapter was great and really good. I wanted to enjoy it. But then it took a nosedive and it was really terrible. So that was really annoying. *nods at vague vagueness*

If you were teaching a literature class, what would be the first book you would force your students to read and why?
Interesting and Hard ~ 9

Force them to read it? Umm… I don’t know if I want to force someone to read something… But probably The Guardians of Ga’Hoole series cause I love it so much and I learned a lot from it so it would be a great discussion book. :3

Is it okay I asked you multiple questions?
Thoughtfulness ~ 10

Yes. Yes, it is.

Are my questions okay?
Thoughtful ~ 10

They are here. So yes. *nods*

~ What was your inspiration to write the Allore books? ~
~ Anonymous ~

My inspiration. *takes a deep breath* I wanted to finish a book for once (that was longer than a short chapter book), so I decided to print out (what was basically) a course book for Nanowrimo. The book recommended that you start with a new project. So what did I do? I made up a new idea.
Kay: Just like that?
Not really. It wasn’t just, here’s the idea. It took some thought and figuring out. I took pieces from other stories I had read or watched and pieced them into something that was its own thing (at least I thought it was). But the original idea was, there’s this world of Anirnia (renamed Allore) some people live in the forest and can talk to animals. There’s what is basically the Animal Olympics that Alex wants to enter with her wolf friends so that she can get an enhancement suit (if you’ve seen Wild Kratts… it was sort of like their suits). But she has to be in a special defense group to enter the Olympics (why? *shrug* I don’t know…). But there’s Dr. Melville (who’s name means bad town (at least according to one name site)) who waits to put some mind controlling collars/chips into the animals and eventually into humans. But I ended up cutting the Animal Olympics and Dr. Melville entirely. So now there’s a mysterious messenger, cloaked people, puzzles, a bunch of organizations that all claim they are right, jewels, and a lot more running around to different places across Allore.


Thank you to everyone who asked me questions. It was fun answering them. *throws feathers* :3

Did you find out something interesting that
you didn’t know about me? What is something you wish
you knew when you started blogging?

Photo by Paul Gilmore on Unsplash

12 thoughts on “Belated Blogiversary Post

  1. Congrats on a year of blogging, Catwing! Great post (As always!)
    Iโ€™ve really enjoyed reading your blog posts over the past few months and look forward to reading many more!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy blogiversary! *gives you chocolate*

    I enjoyed the “which book would you burn” question. I can think of several books I would burn, one of which would be “The War of the Worlds.” *shudder* I hate that book.

    I wish I knew a lot of things before I started blogging. XD

    Liked by 1 person

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