Character Interview ~ John

*John walks into the empty room* Um… Is anyone here? Am I in the right place? *sits down to wait in the chair* *hold music plays* *hopes that means he’s in the right room* *anxiously looks from the doorway to the empty chairs at the table*

The Cloak: *walks in* *a little shocked* Did she leave already?
John: I don’t think so. I got here a few minutes ago and have been waiting for her.
The Cloak: That’s weird. She was doing so good. Kay even got her to post mid-week…
John: That’s good I guess.
The Cloak: But then she didn’t post at her normal time.
John: …Because she already posted that week?
The Cloak: Maybe that’s what she thought. She did seem a little busy trying to finish her Camp Nano goal.
John: *doesn’t know what that is* Yeah. I guess she was busy.
The Cloak: *disappointed sigh*

*Catwing unvanishes sending feathers flying everywhere* Sorry I’m late.
The Cloak: You’re definitely late. This post was writing itself.
Catwing: Cool. I didn’t know it could do that. That’s really cool. 😀
The Cloak: No. *crosses her arms* You’re supposed to be here.
Catwing: I’m here now. I didn’t think it would start without me. :I
John: *raises hand* Excuse me? *they look at him* You wanted to interview me?
Catwing: Yes, sorry. I was getting distracted. *takes a seat on the table since she’s a small cat* How old are you?
The Cloak: *takes a seat too*
John: I’m twelve.
Catwing: You’re the youngest of the Seven, correct?
John: As far as we know. We don’t know who the Seventh person is though…
The Cloak: *nods and smiles*
Catwing: *tries to change the subject before spoilers start to sprout* What’s your favorite thing to do?
John: *thinks for a minute* I don’t know. Maybe helping my siblings and friends. *shrug*
Catwing: Okay. What do you think is your role in the story?
John: Um… Helping character?
The Cloak: *whispers*cinnamon roll
John: Wait, what? What does that mean exactly?
The Cloak: *pulls up definition on her phone* A person perceived as good, gentle and kind, often a fictional character who undergoes emotional suffering.
Catwing: *cough* She thinks you’re nice.
John: Emotional suffering? @_@
Catwing: Moving on! *pulls out a piece of paper* Some people have asked you questions.
John: What does she mean emotional suffering?
Catwing: Don’t worry. You’ll be fine.
The Cloak: Says the author.
Catwing: Exactly.
The Cloak: That’s not what I meant!
Catwing: *smirks* Maybe not. But it’s true, being the author means I’m the most qualified person to ask.
The Cloak: Agh! Whatever.

Catwing: So John, “if you could have 3 wishes granted, what would you wish for?”
John: …No emotional suffering?
Catwing: *facepaw* Something else?
John: I’m pretty happy how things are. I don’t exactly have something I really want a whole lot… Maybe that I wouldn’t be so awkward and weird.
Catwing: …okay…fine… That’s your wish. Two other things?
John: …A ninja rabbit.
Catwing: Cool. *nods*
John: And an epic castle. :3
Catwing: *laughs* Interesting answer. So “why did the Chicken cross the road? :P”
John: Because the grass is greener on the other side? 😀
The Cloak: *makes an impressed hum noise*
Catwing: That’s a good one. *nods* This next question is from someone who actually read one of the drafts of your book. “What do you think about the whole mission you’re being sent on? What kind of sandwich do you like best? (that was his last line from the last draft I read, “I’m gonna go find a sandwich.” 😝)” Your answers should be without spoilers of course.
John: The mission sounds dangerous. But it seems very important so hopefully no one gets hurt…
The Cloak: *raises an eyebrow at Catwing*
John: It’s an adventure, I guess. I want to help my friends finish the mission and serve the King. *bites his lip* I think my favorite sandwich is turkey, mustard, mayo, extra lettuce, and maybe a tomato slice and some olives, sandwiched in home-made bread. ∩﹏∩
Catwing: *nods* Okay. That’s does sound like you. *doesn’t really like tomatoes or olives* Which do you prefer? “Chocolate chip cookie or oatmeal raisin.”
John: Fresh oatmeal raisin cookies. They are the best cookies. ^_^
Catwing: Yeah. Those are pretty good.
The Cloak: Are you going to make us some sandwiches and cookies? *hopeful look* 😀
Catwing: …no…
The Cloak: *pouty face* Why not? 😦
Catwing: …I’m busy…
John: I can make cookies and sandwiches! (・ω・)
The Cloak: I was just joking with her.
Catwing: …I mean if you want to…
The Cloak: *glares at me*
John: I can bring my friends too. *goes off to make sandwiches and cookies*
Catwing: I forgot to mention he likes cooking…
The Cloak: Uh, huh. *gives me a judging look*
Catwing: What?
The Cloak: Oh, nothing. *pulls out the end questions*

Do you like cooking? Which do you prefer, chocolate chip or
oatmeal raisin cookies? What’s your favorite sandwich?

Catwing: *facepaw* Really?
The Cloak: Yes, really. The rebellion is rising.
Catwing: *Sigh*

*fade to black*

Photo credits Kali Neri on Unsplash and Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash

11 thoughts on “Character Interview ~ John

    John was one my favorites in your story.
    It’s nice to know he wants a ninja rabbit. (That was my question, by the way.)
    Also, can I have a cookie, John? 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thanks. He’s a nice character. XD
      …oops… No. The Seven are a group that he and his friends are chosen for. Basically…
      I think I mentioned that he didn’t know how old the Seventh was.
      But John is actually the third oldest of six children. So it is close to seven kids. His older brother (Jack) and sister (Cele) are also part of the Seven. I interviewed Jack already. Then there are the twins (Rolf and Rodger) and the youngest (Celeste) 😉
      Don’t worry about it. I may want to start giving a little background at the beginning of the interviews. 😛

      Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

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