Heroes of Legend Tag

I’ve waited too long to do this tag. Jenna tagged me for it and I really, really wanted to do it. So that’s what I’m doing today. Hope you enjoy… *pulls up the rules*

~ Rules ~

  1. Very graciously thank the blogger who tagged you. (The amazing Jenna Terese! *throws bunches of feathers* She has a very nice blog. *nods enthusiastically* She also has some pretty good articles and great posts in general. :3)
  2. Answer the following ten questions in the tag. Images of your characters are encouraged, but not necessary.
  3. You may only use Original Characters (OCs) for this tag. As expected.
  4. Characters from fairytale retellings are not allowed. Because then that would be too easy.
  5. Explain why your character matches the description, because if you don’t, that would not be fun.
  6. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING. Do not hurt your little babies in this process.
  7. Link back to my– Merie’s– blog: https://imperialscribis.wordpress.com/2019/02/26/tell-a-fairytale-day-the-heroes-of-legend-character-tag/ so I can read about all the fun your characters embark on! 
  8. Tag a few other bloggers to play this game too! (And make sure they’re writers… because if you tag a non-writer to do this one, it would be really awkward.)

Okay… So I like fairy tales and their retellings a good bit (a whole lot), which is part of why I was excited to do this tag. But see here’s the thing… *takes in a deep breathe* Several (all) of my main characters in my current WIP were originally loosely based on fairy tale characters. But, *reads over questions* I think I know which fairy tales these questions are from and my characters are not based on any of them (except one, and that character doesn’t fit the question). So, I’m just going to use them anyway and also to try to guess which fairy tale they are from. 🙂

1. Is most likely to be turned into a frog (and then thrown against the wall because of additional obnoxiousness)?

This is obviously based on the Frog Prince. That’s right it wasn’t a kiss that broke the curse, instead getting thrown into the wall changed the frog into a human again. 😹 Though there was another version where she threw him out the window at least twice instead. (cause part of the deal of him retrieving her golden ball was that he got to eat off her plate and use her bed. But she didn’t like sleeping on the couch) Her father actually had to order her to keep her promise and let the frog use her bed for the night, no matter how much she disliked the couch. So they were both obnoxious. 😛
I should probably stop ranting about the fairy tale and answer the question. XD


Maybe the Cloak. Cause she’s pretty secretive and might annoy someone enough with her question dodging that they would want to turn her into a frog… Unfortunately for them, people have a lot of trouble actually catching her, so that most likely wouldn’t happen. *shrug*

2. Could probably persuade a man–sent to kill them on pain of death– not to kill them, through charisma or charm alone (or manipulation, whichever way you take it)?

This one took me a second, but it’s Snow White. Because if there was one thing that girl could do, besides get cursed three times by *finger quotes* “an old peddler woman”, it was charming people.


(I thought I didn’t have a picture of him, so I thought I was going to have to use this cinnamon roll *gestures vaguely* thingie. I found his picture. But thought I’d also put this. Just cause. ^_^ )


John. Because, come on, nobody wants to kill John.
The Cloak: That’s not true.
But it’s not like they don’t like him as a person, he’s just in their way.
The Cloak: Still counts. They want him dead.
Yeah. That’s true.

I’m not exactly sure how to explain him being able to do this besides the fact that I know he could. He might end up just talking to them or baking them something before they are supposed to kill him. So, then they’re like, “I can’t kill him. He’s a cinnamon roll.” I don’t know. Maybe I should put that in my book. XD

3. Is that kind of person who waves around a weapon (or other sharp pointy object) everywhere they go, regardless of their skill in handling it (which is to say, probably quite doubtful)?

I’m not sure what fairy tale this is from. And I can’t figure it out.


Here’s the thing… My MCs actually know how to use swords and shoot a bow (or gun). Cause they live in the forest and their parents taught them how to do things like that (also cause they like those sort of old things). But I’m going to go with Amelia. She can get a little careless sometimes and might swing her sword around jokingly or wave a knife around in the kitchen. Please be careful Amelia. You’re going to hurt people. (And trust me. That’s the last thing she wants)

4. Can endure the most pain with a stoic, completely neutral face (maybe s/he’s dancing)?

…That’s The Little Mermaid. *nods*


Of my MCs, Jack has the highest pain tolerance and might be able to keep a straight face. But I don’t think I could get him to dance. XD

5. Is most likely to pull off a Hua Mulan and face a trial as one of the opposite gender if need arises?

I don’t know… Is this based on Mulan. 😛

(Also imagine she’s younger, cause Cele’s about 16)

I almost wanted to say Cele, while she could maybe do it and maybe not get caught. Honestly? She likes doing her hair in a crown braid and I don’t think she would want to cut it that much. Also her face and voice probably wouldn’t pass as a guy’s and if she wanted to face a trail she would just go as herself. 😛 *shrug*


That’s more like something Alex would do. *nod* Yep. She could do this.

6. Would be quickest to obey a talking cat when it demands them to buy it a pair of boots?

This would be Puss in Boots. 😛

(Why do I not have a picture of Chase?!! Oh, wait. Here’s a collage. 🙂 )

Chase or Amelia. Chase would just be like, “Sure cat. Let’s get you some boots.” and wonder why it wanted boots. Amelia would think it would make the cat look the cutest, so she would just buy them. Alex, Jack, and Cele want to know how it speaks English, why it would want boots, and ask more questions. Meanwhile John is confused and makes “boots” out of those foil candy wrappers from chocolates that he forgot he left in his pockets.
So Amelia would probably do it faster, but since it’s about the same I’m putting Chase’s picture here. 😛

7. Is willing to do anything– absolutely anything– in order to rescue someone s/he loves (includes killing innocent foxes and asking the moon for help)?

I don’t think I’ve read this fairy tale…


Alex. She would do anything for those close to her. If anyone tries to mess with her friends or family. They better watch out, cause she will hunt them down… And she won’t stop. Never. I don’t care how well you cover your tracks. One day she’ll show up when you least expect it and thought she’d forgotten. Not even a lifetime will make her forget…

8. Seems to stubbornly not die no matter what you put them through (if you haven’t tried the Big Bad Wolf, now’s the time)?

Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. Cause she gets eaten and survives. Just how? XD
Or it could be the Big Bad Wolf. Cause he survives a lot too.


I haven’t really tried to kill any characters in this book. But who knows about the sequel… 😛
Sooo, the Cloak… She just doesn’t die. Though in the book you don’t really see her put through anything, it’s mentioned that she’s had some escapades.

9. Is the terrifyingly malicious, extra-megalomaniacal, wildly unpredictable Queen of Hearts/Bluebeard villain (the kind that makes you want to run and hide)?

I don’t think I have a character like that… Unless you count Alice (from a future novel). She’s a sort of crazy.

10. Is the terrifyingly placid, blood-freezingly calm, monotone-voiced villain that is Every Fairytale Villain in History Incarnate (the kind that makes you want to run and hide)?

Sort of Alice. She’s kind of crazy, but she can go cold as ice, creepy, dead-serious, monotone villain in about two seconds. And yes, you want to hide from her…


Tags :
NC Stokes
Jane Maree
Sarah Baran
And if you want to do this feel free to steal it. 🙂

Minor announcement. I made the Finding Secrets board so people can see it now. I wasn’t really sure about doing that, cause I don’t have exact pins for everything and some of it is just ideas or inspiration. But even though not all of the pins will be in the book it’s still cool to look at. 🙂 So if you just want to check it out you can do that here.

Do you know which fairy tale the hazardous weapon wielder (3) or fox and moon (7) are from? Did you know any of the other fairy tales? Which character is your favorite? 😛

Boots photo by Will Porada on Unsplash
Cat photo by Max Böttinger on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “Heroes of Legend Tag

  1. 😛 Heya there! Good job figuring out those fairytales– that’s pretty impressive! 😀 #3 is the little robber maiden from “The Snow Queen” (she carries around a knife everywhere) and #7 is a combination between “The Enchanted Snake” (features a fox) and “East of the Sun, West of the Moon” (pretty self-explanatory). This was a fun post to read!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello to you too! 🙂
      Thank you. I enjoy reading fairy tales.
      Ah… I’ve read “The Snow Queen”, so I remember her now. But don’t think I’ve read “The Enchanted Snake” or “East of the Sun, West of the Moon” I may do that sometime though.
      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. ^_^
      But thank you for starting this tag. It was very fun.

      Liked by 1 person

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