Character Interview ~ Cele

I’ve realized maybe it would be a good idea to show a picture of the character I’m interviewing. That way y’all can actually picture them, instead of someone who doesn’t look like them… Cue the beginning credits! *opening music plays*

Character Interview

~ Starring ~

picture by me 😛

Catwing as herself

from Pinterest (and she’s younger than this)

Celedine Sage as herself

from Pinterest

Kerkin as himself

~ Also probably starring, (unless she actually decided to ~
~ leave us alone this time) ~

from Pinterest

The Cloak as herself


*a little merlin bird flies in and lands on the back of a chair* Kwrrt. ([translated] I think this is the place.)

Cele: *takes a seat* So you wanted to interview me?

Catwing: Yep. I’m just going to ask you some questions. Ready?

Cele: I think so. *rubs Kerkin under the beak*

Catwing: So how old are you?

Cele: I’m 15.

Catwing: So you and two of your siblings are also part of the Seven?

Cele: Yes. Jack, my older brother and John, the third oldest.

Catwing: *nods* So what is your favorite thing to do?

Cele: *stares into space and thinks* Maybe playing with Kerkin. *smiles*

Kerkin: *churrs* (Of course. Who wouldn’t enjoy being around me?)

Cele: Rabbits, mice, shrews, crickets. *smirks*

Kerkin: *ruffles feathers* (Food doesn’t count.)

Catwing: *laughs* So what do you think your role in the story is?

Kerkin: Kekrrwt. (What sort of question is that? I’m the hero, obviously.)

Cele: *shakes head* Kerkin… *sighs*

Kerkin: *cocks head* (What?)

Cele: Never mind.

Catwing: What about you Cele?

Cele: I’m probably that character who just comes along, but doesn’t help much.

Catwing: *looks at notes* *looks at Cele* … *looks back at notes* Ah! Self doubt that explains that.

Cele: *blinks* Ummm…

Catwing: *Whispers* Actually she’s a pretty cool character. She’s more of the character who is helpful, but she doesn’t think much of it.

Kerkin: *nods*

Cele: *is confused*

Catwing: *moves on* So what is your opinion on the Seven?

Cele: Well, I always thought the Seven were pretty cool, from what I knew from the legends about them. I just didn’t think one of them would be me. I feel like other people could do better at it. But I was chosen, so I’m going to try my best.

Catwing: *smiles* Okay. Some people have sent me some questions to ask you. First one, *pulls out a card and reads* “Oooh! You have a pet bird of prey?? What does he eat? Can he do tricks?”

Kerkin: *glares at Catwing* (You’re confused. I am not a pet.)

Cele: I do have a pet bird of prey. He just says he isn’t a pet.

Kerkin: (Because I am the one with a pet human.)

Cele: XD

Catwing: XD

Cele: But for his food, it varies. It depends on what we catch or buy to feed him. But some of the things he can catch to eat are smaller birds, small mammals, large insects, lizards, and snakes.

Kerkin: *tiny krrr* (You’re making me hungry.)

Cele: And yes. I have taught him to do some tricks. I taught him the basic falconer tricks. Lifting off my hand, to come back, to land on a branch, to attack something, etc.. But I also taught him some other things.

Kerkin: …

Catwing: *pulls out the next question* “How did you get your pet merlin, Kerkin?”

Cele: I had to get a license first. Which was just passing some training and taking a test. But I’m pretty sure you said it’s different in your world. Then I just found him in the forest and was able catch him. That was kinda hard though. XD

Catwing: Yeah things are kinda different here. You have to apprentice too and it’s more complicated. *pulls out the next question* “Who is your favorite bother?” I think they meant brother.

Cele: My favorite bother is Kerkin. 😛

Kerkin: Krrt! (Hey!)

Cele: I don’t have a favorite brother. But I’m probably closest to Jack. I do have a favorite sister. Cause I only have one. And that would be Celeste. 😛

Catwing: That makes sense. *nods and pulls the next question* “If you could have one super power, what would it be?”

Cele: *ponders* Probably flight. I think that would be pretty cool.

Catwing: Definitely.

Kerkin: Krrt! (Of course!)

Cele: *laughs* I guess you both like your wings.

The Cloak: Yes, they do.

Catwing: When did you get here?

The Cloak: Earlier.

Catwing: How much earlier?

The Cloak: Long enough.

Kerkin: *glares at the Cloak* (Give a straight-forward answer will you?)

Catwing: Well, I was just finishing up.

The Cloak: Ah, perfect timing then.

Cele: So it’s time for us to go?

Catwing: Unfortunately, yes. Thanks for letting me interview you.

Cele: *extends her arm* *Kerkin flys on to her glove* You’re welcome. *starts to leave*

The Cloak: No cookies? Are you not doing that anymore?

Kerkin: Kt? (Cookies?)

Catwing: Kerkin you can’t even have cookies. But I don’t have any, anyways.

Cele: Too bad. Good bye.

Catwing: Good bye.

The Cloak: I suppose I’ll leave too.

Catwing: I suppose so.


Thanks to everyone who sent questions for Cele. 😀 Next time I do an interview it will be with Alex’s grandmother, Juniper. You can send a question here if you want to.


July is going to be pretty busy for me, so I don’t know how much I will be posting. This is partially because I’m going to Realm Makers! I’m very excited about that! 😀 Feel free to send me a pigeon if you’re going too.


What did you think of Cele? Are you going to Realm Makers?

hawk photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

10 thoughts on “Character Interview ~ Cele

  1. Cele is a great character. I really like how she’s honest and modest about herself and her abilities. Her relationship with Kerkin is great, too!

    Thank you for sharing this interview with us! Looking forward to hearing/learning more about your story.

    Liked by 1 person

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