Yeah I Disappeared (rambling about writing and minecraft basically)

~ Creative fiction short/thingie ~

For the first time in over a year typing was heard in the room. click tappity click. A few words sat on the screen, but the girl paused. How do I write this? She stared at the blinking line on the mostly blank page. Do I even know how to write anymore? It’s been so long… It’s not going to be as good as before. She switched through her open tabs before coming back to the page. Should I even write?

“Well look who’s back”

The girl turned to see Kay standing in the doorway. “Yeah… I guess. Not sure though.”

Kay’s smile faded. “I was really looking forward to breaking the fourth wall again.” She took a hand out of her hoodie pocket to wave at you. “Hello reader person. This is a very interesting conversation isn’t it”

“Kay.” The girl shook her head laughing.

“What? This is what I do.” Kay grinned.

“Of course”

There was a pause.

“So you’re a human in a toothless hoodie now?”

“Well… yes?” The girl shrugged questioningly. She sighed. “I really need to sort out these AUs…”

“Yeah that would be a good idea. So are you like human catwing?”

“…yes.” The girl pushed back the hood with Toothless ears to reveal her cat ears. “I’m still Catwing.”

Kay laughed. Then stopped cold. “Wait. So what does that mean?”

“I’m a little more real.”

“So no shooting random feathers and chocolates out of your hands?”


“That was cool…”

“Yeah, but that’s more of a catwing Catwing thing, than a human Catwing thing.”

“That’s fair I suppose.”

“Cause things have changed. But that’s okay.” Catwing fidgeted with the fake claws on her sleeve. “I do want to write again though…”

“Why did you stop?”

“…I guess it’s a bit complicated.” Catwing bit her lip. “I think part of it was I was a little tired of rewriting Finding Secrets, struggling to figure out writer platform building things, and then not dealing some things cause I tend to not deal with things (yeah I know that’s vague). And then I just didn’t really return to writing and when I thought about it I just thought, ‘it’s gonna be bad, because it’s been so long since I’ve written’. Which is kinda dumb, cause that just makes it worse.”

“You don’t get better unless you try.”


“So what have you been doing? Since you haven’t been writing?”


Kay: Oh format change nice

Catwing: It was supposed to be a professional format change where I could list what I did, but then you had to interject something lol

Kay: *shrug*

Catwing: Anyways…

So basically I started a minecraft youtube channel earlier this year. I posted the first video in March 2020. So yeah.

Kay: Thinking inside the box.

Catwing: …

Kay: I mean cats sit in boxes and plot. And minecraft is all made of boxes. It works

Catwing: XD

Well back to talking about what I’ve been doing.

Kay: Sorry.

Catwing: I’m trying to write a blog post here…

Kay: Well I haven’t been able to break the fourth wall in over a year and a half. I’ve just been stuck here. Doing nothing of much. I have a little penned up energy and puns. I really want to just shatter the fourth wall or something…

Catwing: …sorry…

Kay: Well at least you’re back now 😀

Catwing: I feel like a bad person and you aren’t even real.

Kay: yeah…

*awkward silence*

Kay: It’s not that awkward.

Catwing: I have no words.

Kay: Anyways you said you have a youtube channel now.

Catwing: Yeah, let me just-

There. Alright.
So I started a minecraft youtube channel back in march. I actually created the account (in February) because I was in someone’s stream and they asked who I was (they thought I was someone they knew lol) and I thought they meant someone in chat. So I made an account with my ign, Kittyowl99, to comment. So for a while that’s all I did with the channel. I commented on videos and joined people’s streams (cause for some reason joining people’s streams was fun. Like stream sniping. I don’t know. They did parties so it wasn’t really stream sniping. Of course I wasn’t targeting cause that just seemed mean… So I didn’t do that. I just tried to play normally.)

During this time of being new to “stream sniping”, I decided to draw the people afterwards. So here’s a couple of my favorites (I didn’t actually drew that many, but these are the ones I liked the best)

From a Jburrow stream (me [Kittyowl, Nitrovolt, Jburrow, Mr Minecraft, Digger)

From a Timewasterz Stream (why do I look so mad aaaaaaaa)
(Timewasterz, Freezy, Eason [center], Fizzywater, me [Kittyowl])

I ended up doing some fanart thumbnails for Timewasterz cause I basically thought, “why not? It would be a good way to practice doing digital art. And I can draw something different from the eyes, cats, and people in cloaks and hoodies that I normally draw.”


Kay: …That looks like a cloak hoodie…

Catwing: Well…You’re not wrong… XD At least it was fun and experience.

Timewasterz actually suggested that I do timelapses cause I was drawing them anyway and I thought it was a good idea. So I did that for a while. But I decided to make my own videos. I had thought about making minecraft content before, but had always brushed that idea away. For several reasons. But I decided to go for it.

The first minecraft video (in June). It’s kinda long and I didn’t know how to add music yet…
I did add text, but it was with a default editor and I didn’t know what I was doing so it kinda ended up a bit off

I continued posting timelapses of my own thumbnails for a while, before I decided to just post minecraft things on my channel. I think I’ve improved a lot since I started. I’m experimenting with some things now, with editing things and shorts cause that’s a thing now.

A newer video

I have been getting back into writing again recently. It seems to be the thing I always come back to doing and enjoy the most. Am I going to go back to posting on this blog a lot? I don’t think so. I think I may just write on my own and maybe rejoin some writer groups. Most of what I plan on publicly posting is going to be on youtube. At least for now. I don’t know how much I will post on this blog, but I thought I should give an update for anyone who was wondering what happened since I disappeared…

I guess that’s all…

I have a youtube (Kittyowl 99)
a twitter
And a Discord server now.

2020 was interesting. Happy New Years everyone 😀


What did I miss?

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