Sunshine Blogger Award

  Guess what, Felines. I have a surprise for you. I have been tagged for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I have never been tagged before, this is so exciting! I think I 've figured out this tag thingie and if I mess up then you peoples can help me. But first, thank you to my … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

A Slightly Gross Gratitude Check

  Recently I have been thinking about some things that people can do that animals can't. It started when my mom and I were telling the rest of my family about what we had learned at a horse club meeting we had gone to earlier. Horses can race the wind,  they lift all four feet … Continue reading A Slightly Gross Gratitude Check

Making Cat Toys/Feeders (Because the Old Ones are Dirty)

  It's a lovely Monday isn't it? *watches birds and squirrels, hop and fly across the yard completely unaware that a catwing is watching* Kay Waters: It isn't Monday anymore. *blinks* *looks up* What do you mean it's not Monday anymore? I mean, it is no longer Monday. *cough* I solved the parrot pencil riddle. … Continue reading Making Cat Toys/Feeders (Because the Old Ones are Dirty)