Sunshine Blogger Award

Guess what, Felines. I have a surprise for you. I have been tagged for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I have never been tagged before, this is so exciting! I think I 've figured out this tag thingie and if I mess up then you peoples can help me. But first, thank you to my tagger... Continue Reading →


A Slightly Gross Gratitude Check

Recently I have been thinking about some things that people can do that animals can't. It started when my mom and I were telling the rest of my family about what we had learned at a horse club meeting we had gone to earlier. Horses can race the wind,  they lift all four feet above... Continue Reading →

Potato-Squash (Vacation Delays)

Welp, I forgot and then procrastinated about this week's post, on those back-up posts I was thinking about, and while I was at it I also procrastinated on editing my book. Editing is haaaard.  So you get a Potato-Squash post. If you're wondering what a Potato-Squash is, once I was thinking of random things and... Continue Reading →

The Sword, Brother Dear

Greetings once again! It seems you peoples have stuck around (If you haven't you wouldn't be reading this. So you can't say you didn't. Ha, ha!). Thank you. Last week I worried what I would put on here. My dad had suggested I write about the Teach Them Diligently conference we were going to that... Continue Reading →

I Can Only Imagine ~ Movie Rantings

*flys in through window* Hi peoples! Guess what? My blog gave me this little notification saying I have five stalkers! And now I have thirteen?! What? In one week!? I guess this means you peoples like what I'm writing? Wow... *Looks at emails* *looks at you* *ear twitch*     (In case you are wondering... Continue Reading →


*Flys into room* *lands* Greetings felines and humans! I have returned as randomly as I came! *throws feathers into the air* Perhaps even more random... SHADOW! He's grown since I posted about rescuing him. ( Part One and Part Two ) (if you notice the white spots that is because he is black tabby {Yes, I... Continue Reading →

Flight~A Vacation Story~Part Two

   Continued... The hammerhead shark on the beach.It had been washed ashore in the froth of the sea.Someone's been digging.The beach is a wonderful place to go to see birds and clouds.But at some point we must go back through the portal to civilization.So with sand in our shoes we return.Though we leave some treasures behind,... Continue Reading →

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